Mary, (Rebel) Mother of Jesus

In this special Christmas episode, Susie explores the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, looking at her as a symbol of motherhood and what that means for modern mothers. We discuss her reverence in Christianity and Islam, her experience as a real-life mother, and her significance in various social justice issues, including interfaith cooperation, immigration reform, classism, feminism, and anti-racism. Mary's multifaceted role as both a symbol and a historical mother is examined, focusing on her empowerment and resilience in the face of adversity.

Topics Include:
  • Introduction to Mary as a symbol of motherhood
  • Mary’s significance in Christianity and Islam and her relevance to modern mothers.
  • Mary’s perspective of Jesus’ life through her eyes as a real-life mother
  • The challenges and struggles Mary might have faced as an unwed teenager with an unexpected pregnancy
  • Mary’s seven sorrows as a mother
  • Intersection of Mary’s story with social justice issues, including interfaith cooperation, immigration and refugee concerns, classism, racism, and feminism
  • Mary as a symbol of female empowerment, consent, and resilience who celebrates the diverse experiences of motherhood.
  • Mary's depiction as a Black Madonna
  • The fusion of Mary with indigenous goddesses and African spiritual traditions.
  • Mary as a rebel mother who continues to have a profound impact on women’s lives

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Mary, (Rebel) Mother of Jesus
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