Matrescence: Birth & Postpartum Healing

In the second part of this two-part series, Susie focuses on rewriting birth narratives for peace, strength, and agency. Susie shares her personal journey of healing and empowerment after challenging birthing experiences, emphasizing the societal pressures of the myth of the perfect mother and its impact on maternal well-being. Drawing from Robbie Davis-Floyd's insights, the episode discusses the importance of self-reflection, body practices, and positive affirmations in the healing process. Susie also highlights the significance of support, both in sharing birth stories and engaging in practices that release stored emotions. 

Topics Included: 
  • Matrescence journey and its impact on motherhood
  • Rewriting birth narratives for healing and empowerment
  • Societal pressures and the myth of the perfect mother
  • Self-reflection and positive affirmations
  • Supportive practices for emotional release
  • Embracing the diversity of birth stories and finding validation in unique journeys

Matrescence: Birth & Postpartum Healing
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