Seasons of Motherhood: Winter

In this episode of Rebel Mothers, Susie explores the metaphor of seasons in motherhood, shedding light on how the different seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—correspond to various stages of a mother's journey. She focuses on the unique experiences and emotions experienced in the winter of motherhood, including the personal story of her own miscarriage, and offers relatable examples and insights. 

  • Seasons of motherhood
  • Spring: New beginnings, matrescence, early motherhood, blended families
  • Summer: Growth and nurturing, active parenting, challenges and joys of school-age children, balancing work and family live
  • Fall: Letting go, transition to children gaining independence, major life changes
  • Winter: Rest, and renewal, empty nest transition, bereavement and grief, wonderment and reflection of mothering journey

Seasons of Motherhood: Winter
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