Economics of Motherhood: The Hidden Costs of the Most Important Job

In the first of this two-part series on the economics of motherhood, Susie examines the cost of motherhood through the life story of a fictional mother in the United States, Emily, who faces the financial struggles and worries that many mothers face today. Stay tuned for next week when Susie explores some alternative economic systems and how those might shape motherhood.

  • Introduction to the Economics of Motherhood
  • Emily's Story: A Journey Through Motherhood and Economic Challenges
  • Healthcare Expenses and Lack of Paid Maternity Leave
  • The Impact of Childcare Costs
  • Income Disparities and the Motherhood Penalty
  • Retirement Savings and Social Security Benefits
  • The Influence of the Baby Industrial Complex
  • Analysis of Emily's Story: Highlighting Key Economic Factors
  • Healthcare: Comparing US Costs to Other Countries
  • Childcare: Availability, Affordability, and Quality of Care
  • Income and Wage Disparities: Gender Wage Gap and Motherhood Penalty
  • Retirement: Impact of Career Interruptions on Retirement Savings
  • The Baby Industrial Complex: Pressure on Parents to Consume
  • Reflections on Capitalism and Alternative Economic Systems
  • Conclusion: Recognizing the Intersections of Motherhood and Economics

Economics of Motherhood: The Hidden Costs of the Most Important Job
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