Invisible Labor: The Mental Load

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In Part One of this two-part series, Susie dive deep into a critical topic: The Mental Load of Motherhood. The mental load of motherhood is a hidden yet profound aspect of women's lives. It encompasses the cognitive labor of planning, organizing, and anticipating everything required to raise children and manage a household. This invisible labor, predominantly carried by women, has deep historical roots and serves as the underpinning of both patriarchy and the capitalist system.

In this episode, Susie highlights the importance of advocating for change on a collective level and encouraging equitable partnerships with men sharing domestic labor. On an individual level, she emphasizes the necessity of open and respectful conversations between mothers and their partners about the division of invisible labor and the mental load. These conversations are pivotal for prioritizing mothers' mental well-being and creating a more balanced and harmonious family life. As rebel mothers, it's our duty to challenge traditional gender norms and pave the way for a brighter future.

Topics Include:
  • Understanding invisible labor
  • Unpacking the mental load
  • How patriarchy and capitalism create and sustain the mental load in motherhood
  • Easing the mental load
  • How to initiate a conversation with your partner

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Invisible Labor: The Mental Load
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