Maternal Activism

Maternal activism is a specific form of activism that is focused on addressing issues that impact mothers, children, and families within their communities and society at large. Susie breaks down why we don't usually hear this term used, the pros and cons of centering mothers in activism, and highlights the diverse forms of activism engaged in by mothers from different backgrounds. The episode emphasizes how maternal activism intertwines with broader social justice issues and challenges societal norms to advocate for mothers and their families.

Topics Covered
  • Defining Maternal Activism: Susie examines the seeming contradiction between 'maternal' and 'activism', debunking stereotypes and exploring the history of mothers in social movements.
  • Successful Maternal Activism Case Studies: In-depth analysis of organizations like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and Black Mamas Matter Alliance, exploring their strategies and successes.
  • Analysis of Unsuccessful Activism: A critical look at the Wall of Moms movement, understanding its pitfalls and lessons learned.
  • Intersectionality in Maternal Activism: Exploration of how maternal activism intersects with anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, and environmental issues.
  • What Makes Maternal Activism Successful: Storytelling, community, creating agency and authority for mothers, cooperation, and uplifting and taking initiative from historically marginalized mothers
Resources Mentioned
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Maternal Activism
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