Matricentric Feminism

Matricentric feminism, which is a huge theme of the Rebel Mothers podcast, centers on the experiences, perspectives, and voices of mothers within the broader feminist movement. In this episode, Susie discusses the definition of matricentric feminism, its importance in academia, public policy, and motherhood, as well as its pioneers and contemporary scholars.

  • Definition of matricentric feminism
  • Importance in academia, public policy, and motherhood
  • Lineage and pioneers of the movement: Adrienne Rich, Sara Ruddick, bell hooks, Riane Eisler, Silvia Federici, Andrea O’Reilly
  • Challenges faced by mothers under patriarchy
  • Exploration of motherhood within feminist discourse
  • The intersection of race, class, and motherhood
  • Critique of traditional notions of motherhood
  • Advocacy for policy changes and workplace accommodations
  • Redefining success and fulfillment for women
  • Questioning and challenging biological essentialism
  • Creating inclusive and empowering approaches to motherhood studies

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Matricentric Feminism
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