Motherhood as Enlightenment

In this episode of Rebel Mothers, Susie takes the audience on a journey to explore the concept of motherhood as enlightenment. She reflects on her own experiences and the parallels between motherhood and spiritual traditions. Susie challenges the societal norms and beliefs around motherhood and presents it as a path to spiritual growth and awakening.

  • Spiritual experience of motherhood
  • Societal challenges and pressures faced by mothers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Reframing motherhood as a spiritual path to empowerment and enlightenment.
  • Expanding the definition of motherhood to include anyone engaged in nurturing and raising children.
  • Differentiating motherhood as a spiritual path from essentialist narratives.
  • The spiritual parallels between motherhood and various spiritual traditions, including acts of selfless service, being present, and releasing the ego.
  • The societal isolation of mothers and the need for systemic support.
  • The intersection of motherhood as a spiritual path with social justice and the importance of continuous learning and growth.

Motherhood as Enlightenment
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