Motherline: Reclaiming Women's Stories

Susie discusses the motherline (matrilineal ancestry) and the importance of women’s stories. Navigating through historical struggles, ancient goddess cultures, and societal shifts, Susie invites listeners to reclaim the stories of women that have been obscured, stolen, or silenced.    Join the journey of exploration and empowerment as we reimagine narratives and contribute to a paradigm shift in the broader motherhood revolution. 

  • Historical Struggles of Women's Voices
  • Impact of Narratives like the Story of Eve
  • Ancient Goddess Cultures: Catalhoyuk and Marija Gimbutas
  • Transition from Matrilineal to Patrilineal Societies
  • 3 Steps for Reclaiming Personal the Motherline
    • Step 1: Reflect on your own narrative
    • Step 2: Motherline Meditation: A Tool for Intuitive Connection
    • Step 3: Telling Our Own Stories as a Revolutionary Act
  • Contribution to the Broader Motherhood Revolution
Motherline: Reclaiming Women's Stories
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