Wine Mom Culture: Alcohol, Patriarchy, and Motherhood

Why does wine and motherhood seem ubiquitous these days? In this thought-provoking episode, Susie dives into the complex intersection of alcohol, the patriarchy, and motherhood. Drawing on historical perspectives, societal norms, and personal anecdotes, she explores the evolution of women's relationship with alcohol, the rise of "mommy wine culture," and the detrimental effects of alcohol consumption on maternal well-being. Through discussions on Holly Whitaker's insights and personal reflections, Susie challenges traditional notions of alcoholism and offers empowering perspectives on reevaluating one's relationship with alcohol. Ultimately, she advocates for reframing societal norms and prioritizing the holistic health of women and mothers.

  • Historical role of women in brewing and alcohol consumption
  • Societal shifts leading to the stigmatization of female drinking
  • Women's participation in the temperance movement and prohibition
  • Rise of "mommy wine culture" and its impact on modern motherhood
  • Examination of alcohol marketing targeted at women as a form of feminist rebellion
  • Insights from Holly Whitaker's perspective on alcoholism and sobriety in the book Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed With Alcohol
  • Personal anecdotes and reflections on Susie's journey with alcohol
  • Strategies for examining and potentially altering one's relationship with alcohol
Organizations for people who want to quit drinking:
Wine Mom Culture: Alcohol, Patriarchy, and Motherhood
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