Partnership Families

In this episode of Rebel Mothers, we explored Riane Eisler's paradigm-shifting concepts of dominator and partnership societies, applying them to the context of our own families. Eisler's model, rooted in historical evidence and cultural practices, offers a spectrum approach to understanding societal structures. Focusing on family and childhood relations within the dominator and partnership systems, we discussed actionable steps to nurture a partnership family, emphasizing democratic decision-making and equal partnerships. Eisler's work goes beyond critique, providing a blueprint for transformative change, with broader societal implications—shaping empathetic citizens, addressing racism, and preparing children for the demands of the 21st-century economy. The episode concludes with the recognition that implementing partnership values in our families contributes to creating a compassionate and egalitarian society, with ripple effects extending far beyond our homes.

Topics Included:
- Dominator and partnership societies
- Historical precedent and societies
- Eisler's four cornerstones for societal shift
- Dominator and partnership families
- Hierarchies of domination vs. hierarchies of actualization
- Actions for nurturing a partnership family
- Resources for implementing partnership principles
- Impact of partnership families on the world

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Partnership Families
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