Radical Mother Love

A mother’s love is often romanticized and idealized, but really, radical mother love is an opportunity to challenge traditional motherhood norms and dismantle larger systems of oppression. The discussion ranges from expanding the definition of motherhood beyond the normative mother and family to embracing the complexities of maternal ambivalence and the radical nature of mother love in uplifting and supporting all children and families.

  • Expanding Motherhood Definitions: Discussion on moving beyond the stereotypical image of a white, middle-class, heterosexual, nuclear family mother.
  • Diversity in Motherhood: Examining how race, class, sexuality, and non-traditional family structures like chosen families and non-biological mothers contribute to a richer understanding of motherhood.
  • Nuclear Family Critique: Exploring the history and socio-economic influences of the nuclear family model and its impact on societal norms.
  • Maternal Ambivalence: Addressing the complex and often contradictory emotions mothers experience in their caregiving roles.
  • Radical Mother Love: Discussing how maternal love can be a revolutionary force, with examples from activists who embody this concept.
  • Maternal Activism: Linking radical mother love with movements like Moms Demand Action and Free Mom Hugs.
  • Challenging Traditional Motherhood Norms: How redefining mother love and motherhood challenges oppressive systems like patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy.
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Radical Mother Love
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